to contribute through culture and science, to the social and human development in South Florida, as well as promoting the exchange and free access for all sectors of the population.

Contribute to project the diversity and plurality of the Spanish culture in Miami, by means of dissemination and information. Strengthen the dialogue with local actors and institutions by integrating into their programming activities executed by local artists, intellectuals and organizations.

Promoting the exchange and circulation of, cultural goods, ideas, projects, and proposals from different countries in relation. The CCE will pay particular attention to those groups most disadvantaged and/or excluded, which have limited to access to culture, always inspired by the principle of freedom and respect for cultural diversity.

Promote the development of the cultural sector in Miami, and its professional branch, by participating in joint projects with local actors
  1. Identify projects for co-production with organizations and / or local artists.
  2. Open our space to local creators in all artistic disciplines.
  3. Establish the CCEMiami as a forum for discussion and criticism.
  4. Attend to the public in a disadvantaged position, excluded or not covered, by other organizations in the community (children, seniors, and neighborhoods with a lack of cultural proposals).
Strengthen the international cultural and scientific relations and knowledge, and facilitate contact between Spaniards and local agents
  1. To deepen the knowledge of the local scientific and cultural community and establish connections with professionals from Latin America and Spain, to identify projects of common interest.
  2. Enable a service of Questions and Answers (information management center) for local and professional artists, and Spaniards interested in our area.
  3. Create the opportunity to share local projects, for display in the space of AECID´s network and Spain.

Provide a high quality multidisciplinary program that shows the cultural diversity of Spain.
  1. Collaboration with Spanish institutions, other agents of cultural cooperation and promotion abroad (central government, autonomous regions, municipalities, universities).
  2. Collaboration with the local offices of Spanish authorities and institution.
Search for strategies of cultural cooperation and development: human resources training, foster the local cultural creativity via the support of creatives, professionals and cultural industries
  1. Conduct a study to identify those projects of cultural cooperation for the development that could make a difference between the CEE and other organizations.
  2. Strengthening of specialized training programs.
  3. Encourage the development of cultural industries.
  4. To expand the possibility of a closer and more stable collaboration with the private sector through Corporate Social Responsibility projects.
Promotion of those values that contribute to improved co-existence and respect for human rights, thereby cultural rights
  1. Secure the CEE as an open and plural space.
  2. Strengthen the current programming in the field of migrations and migration processes.
  3. Fostering processes of knowledge and appreciation of the contributions of Hispanic culture in American society.

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